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Agenda 2015

For its first cultural season, the Musée-Forum  invites the public to discover the prehistory in a sensitive, playful and erudite way, through exhibitions, meetings and entertainment for all.
The theme of the shelter and the hut was chosen as the theme of programming, and has led to the development of a participatory project implemented for the territory entitled "Shelter, my cabin," conducted with artists and students from neighboring schools.

Several ways were explored, such as safe shelter as a place full of poetry, or updates cabin construction scenes of perishable materials, storytelling with the shelter as a source of imagination, conferences, but also films and documentaries to discover caves ... a whole program to discover from April to November in Aurignac's Museum.

Download the program of the cultural season 2015


October 8, 2015, 18:30, Abbey Bonnefont, free entry:

"Abri my cabin, how to live?" In partnership with the Abbey of Bonnefont,  Saint Martory and the  Saint Jacques' chapel in Saint Gaudens. Speakers: Joëlle Arches Director of the museum of the Aurignacian, Aurélie Gonzalez Guide lecturer, Christian Lefebvre, architect, and Valerie MAZOUIN, director of the center for contemporary art , Saint Jacques ' chapel.

May 29, 2015, the Musée-Forum Aurignacian, 18:30, free entry:

Café-prehistory: "The Aurignacian at Mas d'Azil News discoveries in the caves!"with Jarry Marc and his team

May 5, 2015: Ciné-match, The Regent (St Gaudens), 2030:

Screening of the documentary: "Marsoulas, the forgotten cave" in the presence of pre-historian and director Marc Azéma

April 30, 2015, museum-forum of the Aurignacian, 18:30, free entry:

Café-prehistory, "Habitats and nomadic architectures, Aurignacians home", conference by François Bon

April 18, 2015, inauguration of the museum forum Aurignacian:

Jean Clottes intervention, pre-historian, Curator General of Heritage.



2015: 19 and 20 September, free entry

Discover our ancestors' gestures: Workshops and demonstrations, mining flint knapping, fire with the intervention of Jean-Philippe Delage, pre-historian, archaeologist experimenter.
Discover the footsteps of our ancestors: Guided tours of the museum and reserves.

2014: September 20 and 21, free entry

Discover our ancestors' gestures: Workshops and demonstrations, mining flint knapping, fire with the intervention of Jean-Philippe Delage, pre-historian, archaeologist experimenter.
Discover the footsteps of our ancestors: Guided tours of the museum and reserves.


2015: Sunday, October 25 15h, free entry:

On the occasion of  the St. Martin's fair, meeting and signing with Robert Bégouën, for the release of his book "The Cave of the three brothers: anthology of exceptional prehistoric sanctuary"

2014: October 26 15h, free entry:

Thematic tour of the Aurignacian power, hunters, gatherers, talk with the cultural mediator of the  museum
Film screening: Agriculture at the Neolithic, produced by the educational documentation center of Rouen.


2015: June 20 and 21, free entrance:

Workshops, meetings and movie night around the Chauvet cave
Conference by Carole Fritz and Gilles Tosello, members of the Chauvet team, followed by the screening of the film outdoor "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" by Werner Herzog, in partnership with The Regent Cinema.

2015, May 16: Museum night from 8 pm to midnight

Show,  ambulatory storytellers with Cecile Naud and Céline Verdier, a discovery of the shelter to the flashlight in conversation with stones ...

2015: April 19 to October 31

Exhibition "poetic cocoons" of ratko Krsanin. Contemporary Art as part of the project "shelter , my cabin"with the participation of students from CE2 school Aurignac You should also visit. More student work (stories, cabins, intallations) made with Carl Hurtin and Cécile Naud, artists, discover also the  Antonia lopez's cocoon.

Throughout the year

Find according to local and national  events, entertainment of all kinds.
During school holidays, workshops tales, excavations, ornaments, massages, flint knapping, excavations, fire ignition demonstration

2015, August 1, how to shine brightly?

Fireworks at the Museum on the occasion of celebrations of Saint Peter in Aurignac, spectacular lighting of the building and its environment.

2015 Sunday, July 26 unusual discovery

a walk on the trail of the shelter in two donkeys company, in partnership with Jean-François Canute Zapater

2015, May 19 to exchange  Tourist Board

A meeting: Departmental Tourism Committee of Haute Garonne. Many structures together to discover and explore the museum-forum and let it be known in the department.

2015, April 26, a food giant mandala on the esplanade of the Museum

As part of the event Fins Gourmets vide greniers, cullinaire ephemeral architecture, an array of 25 m2 made of food on the Esplanande . High in colors and flavors. In partnership with the Tourist Office of Aurignac

2015, April 18 inauguration

"We are all Aurignacian"

2015, April

Charade Circuit on the trail of the shelter run by the library-Tartinerie Escale, as part of the project "Shelter, my cabin"

2015, March

Visual art workshops and poetry as part of the project "Shelter, my cabin" with Ratko Krsanin, artist.

2015, Saturday, March 14

"All in Cro-Magnon", a carnival at the museum, in partnership with many local actors (schools, ALAE, Tourist Office, the association of parents, tremplin...) parade and trial of the mammoth man !

2014, November 29 and 30

Open Days at the museum for all inhabitants of the Land of Aurignac

2014, from July 31 to October 24

Discover the  museum: the museum in all its states, "The birth of the museum of the Aurignacian, back to the history of the project "A journey of discovery museum project", the architecture of the building, behind the scenes with input.
But also, daily guided tours on the protected path, back in time to our most distant ancestor.